PutlockerPutlocker was considered to be one of the largest movie streaming websites in the world. The website at one time was one was in the top 500 most viewed website of the world. Putlocker had a directory of content such as movies, TV series, and entertainment media.

The website was the right spot for movies lover and TV series enthusiast. The website had Hollywood movies, TV shows arranged in different sections for the ease of the user. The content on the website was divided into different genres like comedy, drama, action etc.

Moreover, new movies were featured and timely available on Putlocker. The movies had two separate sections in which one was arranged according to the time such as year and in another, the movies were arranged in alphabetical order.

Putlocker was famous because the content available on it was of high quality and users enjoyed the experience of watching movies online without paying or buying the movie from the store. Putlocker faced the fire in 2016 when it was taken down and was banned by the Uk court. The reason behind this was a violation of piracy. Putlocker was uploading quality content without having the rights and license of that content.

After the suspension of the first domain, they tired shifting the domain but their next domains were also suspended by different regulatory authorities.

In the meantime, other people started websites by the name of Putlocker with different domains as well but the owner denied that they owned these websites as other tried to cash the name of Putlocker to earn revenues. But the original website that had millions of traffic was put down by the authorities several times.

The users who enjoyed content on Putlocker are highly disappointed by the suspension of this website. One of the reasons for the suspension of websites were the case of downloading movies form Putlocker then uploading it on social media.

The famous case happened in us when a user downloaded dead pool movie from Putlocker and then uploaded it on Facebook just 8 days after the release of the movie this resulted in a major loss to the makers of the movies as the movie was watched by millions of people. Cases similar to these lead to suspension of Putlocker as major filmmakers charged them for piracy.

Putlocker Reddit

People seem to be missing Putlocker after the suspension. As the post on Reddit is mostly about people looking for alternative websites to Putlocker. As the amount and quality of content Putlocker provided are absent in any other website.

Moreover, the people in the reply of the post like these are hesitant to share another website as due to Putlocker many users were also charged. This has spread fear among the people and people are still unable to find any right alternative to Putlocker.

When people are looking for any other movie streaming website they generally refer it with Putlocker as it was considered one of the finest website for movies and TV series streaming. After the suspension people are looking for a website that is as good as Putlocker was. This is praise for Putlocker as their quality is not yet matched by any other website.

Some people questioned the same thing that many filmmakers and media houses asked why a website like these exist. As they are performing illegal stuff. People are happy to tell this person who posted this that Putlocker is not anymore active as they are charged by multiple high-level authorities of different counties which led to their suspension.

Putlocker Twitter

The putlocker twitter account is with the name of putlock_9. The putlocker account has around 7500 followers. Putlocker has tweeted more than 500 times on this account. The majority of posts on the account of putlocker are about the website during their suspension the Twitter team had posted different links that Putlocker is shifted to a new domain with the new address of the website.

Majorly most of the posts about the reopening if the website or shifting to another. According to this Putlocker exists with the new domain. But it is not confirmed this website is from the original team or someone else is using the name of Putlocker.

The twitter account is handy to follow as it updates where is the website is shifted and gives the exact address which is operational.

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