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Arrow Video is worked up to announce the July slate of titles on their subscription-based Arrow Video Channel, together with acclaimed undead comedy Zombie for Sale and Gamera: The Full Assortment, all twelve movies starring mankind’s biggest defender: a fire-breathing mutant turtle.

An infectiously humorous slice of recent Korean cinema the place Practice to Busan, The Quiet Household and Heat Our bodies collide to create Zombie For Sale, a memorable rom-zom-com from debut director Lee Min-jae. For the primary time ever, followers can hint the decades-long evolution of Gamera, from the “good friend of all youngsters” in his extra light-hearted earlier movies, to the Guardian of the Universe within the groundbreaking 1990s reboot collection, usually hailed as three of one of the best kaiju movies ever made.

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Zombie for Sale and Gamera: The Full Assortment can be accessible July 1st on the Arrow Video Channel within the US and the UK. Extra new titles accessible July 1st embrace Creepshow 2, Bloodstone, Black Rainbow, and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. The Arrow Video Channel is offered on Apple TV within the UK and US, in addition to on Amazon within the UK. All July titles, apart from Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, can be accessible in each territories.

When the unlawful human experiments of Korea’s largest pharmaceutical firm go fallacious, certainly one of their “undead” check topics escapes and leads to a shabby fuel station owned by the Park household – a band of misfits spanning three generations who hustle passersby to make ends meet. When the Park household uncover their undead customer, he bites the top of their family, who as an alternative of remodeling into an undead ghoul turns into revitalized and lively! The household then hatch a plan to use this surprising fountain of youth, permitting locals to pay to be bitten too, till issues go fallacious.

  • New July 2020 Addition to the Arrow Video Channel:
  • Zombie For Sale (UK/US)
  • The Gamera Assortment (12 movies) (UK/US)
  • Creepshow 2 (UK/US)
  • Bloodstone (UK/US)
  • Black Rainbow (UK/US)
  • Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (UK/US)
  • Asia Excessive on the Arrow Video Channel in July 2020:
  • From South Korea:
  • Zombie for Sale (UK/US)
  • Oldboy (UK)
  • From Japan:
  • Audition (UK/US)
  • Battle Royale (UK)
  • Ringu (UK/US)
  • Ringu 2 (UK/US)
  • Ringu 0 (UK/US)
  • Spiral (UK/US)
  • Darkish Water (UK/US)
  • Pulse (UK)
  • The Happiness of the Katakuris (UK/US)
  • Horrors of Malformed Males (UK/US)
  • The Vampire Doll (UK/US)
  • Lake Of Dracula (UK/US)
  • Evil of Dracula (UK/US)
  • Blind Lady’s Curse (UK/US)
  • Wolf Man (UK/US)
  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man (UK/US)
  • Tetsuo II: Physique Hammer (UK/US)
  • Killing (UK/US)
  • Bullet Ballet (UK/US)
  • Kotoko (UK/US)
  • A Snake of June (UK/US)
  • Tokyo Fist (UK/US)
  • Very important (US)
  • 80s Horror on the Arrow Video Channel in July 2020:
  • The Burning (UK)
  • Demons (UK)
  • Rawhead Rex (UK)
  • Bride of Re-Animator (UK/US)
  • Society (UK/US)
  • The Mutilator (UK/US)
  • Maniac Cop (UK)
  • Items (UK)
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II (UK/US)
  • Slaughter Excessive (UK)
  • Home (UK/US)
  • Creepshow 2 (UK/US)
  • Elvira: Mistress of the Darkish (UK/US)
  • Bloody Birthday (UK/US)
  • Hellraiser (UK/US)
  • Doom Asylum (UK/US)
  • Mind Injury (UK/US)
  • Microwave Bloodbath (UK/US)
  • Home II: The Second Story (UK)
  • The Initiation (UK)
  • Return of the Killer Tomatoes (UK)
  • Demons 2 (UK)
  • Devil’s Blade (UK)
  • Blood Rage (UK/US)
  • The Exterminator (UK)
Gamera on Arrow Video Channel - Streaming July 2020
Bloodstone on Arrow Video Channel - Streaming July 2020
Creepshow 2 on Arrow Video Channel - Streaming July 2020
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence on Arrow Video Channel - Streaming July 2020
Black Rainbow on Arrow Video Channel - Streaming July 2020
Zombie For Sale on Arrow Video Channel - Streaming July 2020
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