Clone Wars Director Punts Order 66 Plot Gap Into House, Will not Get Hung Up on Continuity

Now that The Clone Wars has wrapped up, Star Wars followers have some questions on Order 66. The collection ends the place Revenge of the Sith begins, whereas revealing that Ahsoka Tano was capable of survive. It additionally confirmed that she helped Captain Rex take away his chip, which does not precisely line up with what the character mentioned in Rebels about escaping his programming. Some followers have thought of this to be a plot gap for Order 66, however Dave Filoni has set the file straight, like he all the time does.

When it comes right down to it, Dave Filoni does not really feel like The Clone Wars arrange an Order 66 plot gap in any respect. As an alternative, it comes right down to semantics and what the characters are attempting to convey, which additionally comes right down to the Star Wars inventive group doing a little inventive retrofitting. Not all the things will work out as anticipated, however Filoni does his hardest to ensure all of the items match. He explains.

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“I believe while you attain [Rex] in Rebels and he says, ‘I took out my management chip’ to Kanan as a manner of explaining that all of us could make a selection. I believe he sees that as true and I believe it is a technique that he is coped with issues. He did get it eliminated. Kanan does not must know the minute particulars of Rex’s life.”

No one actually is aware of the Star Wars franchise the best way Dave Filoni does excluding George Lucas who created the entire thing. With The Clone Wars coming to an finish, it really makes Rebels extra compelling since we all know what got here earlier than and the way significant it was. Filoni desires the story to be actual for the characters and the audiences. He had this to say.

“I believe that is the place you may get hung up on continuity a lot that you do not really inform a narrative that is about actual individuals. So Rex at that second tells Kanan the standpoint Kanan wants to grasp who Rex is and what he is actually about. In a while, have they got a scene the place they get into the reality of it that was rather a lot scarier? Most likely, however I believe Kanan additionally is aware of that. So I believe it takes them [Ahsoka and Rex] a very long time to deal with all the things. The life they knew is gone. It is robust. It will be onerous as a result of with The Clone Wars, I do know the place it ends. I do not get to have the parade on this one except it is the ‘Imperial March.'”

Dave Filoni is a Star Wars fan first. That is in all probability why the vast majority of hardcore followers actually get pleasure from The Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The Mandalorian. He is ready to faucet into the old fashioned emotions of nostalgia whereas tapping into one thing new on the similar time and he genuinely hopes that the followers get pleasure from what they’re attempting to do. You’ll be able to learn what Filoni needed to say about his expectations beneath.

“I do hope that the viewers took coronary heart in the truth that Rex and Ahsoka got here by means of largely intact so far as who they’re as individuals attempting to assist different individuals. I believe that may very well be a optimistic out of this. You recognize that if you happen to watch different collection that they’ll go on to do nice good as properly. That they are often an inspiration to others and assist. That they’re each actionable individuals to do good.”

Absolutely anything within the Star Wars franchise will be twisted and became a plot gap. We’re taking a look at a ton of spin-offs that come from one supply: A New Hope. Nearly all the things laid out earlier than and after stems from one film, so there are certain to be some issues that want explaining sooner or later or one other. You’ll be able to learn the remainder of the prolonged interview with Dave Filoni over at Nerdist.

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