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Design has moved from being close to home. Truth be told, it’s currently a social mediation the world is continually disclosing to you how to dress and what’s en vogue. What’s more, in case you’re a piece of the style area, the probability of runways directing what you wear ordinary is higher. All things considered, regardless of what one’s style sensibilities, these will in general develop after some time. As a major aspect of The Gentlemen’s Edit’, we chose to ask three style forward Indian planners about their style factor and then some. Peruse on


FOR SOME individuals, style is at the convergence of insignificant and swanky. Pondering what that even implies? We propose you investigate Nikhil Rishi Mehra’s Instagram profile to fathom that idea. Mehra, the inventive portion of Indian name Shantanu and Nikhil, is one who doesn’t need to make a decent attempt to look smooth. Truth be told, his design is the thing that one can call easily cool’.

“I like to explore different avenues regarding my style of dressing,” says Mehra. His closet, from which he infers his style recipe, is a finish of feel that incorporate energetic, formal, and easygoing. “A great deal of my signs for individual style originate from the way of life I lead. I like to blend and match, and afterward set up together looks from my closet,” he includes.

Trial edges check! A great short whiskers check! Add to that well-done outfits, and one can outline how Mehra’s style has changed throughout the years. “When I was a child, my style was profoundly roused by my father, and how he would dress. And afterward, I would take my mom’s garments basically coats and blend and match those in order to make various looks. Throughout the years, the presentation that I have gotten, regardless of whether it is meeting new individuals or voyaging, has helped in the development of my own style. It’s presently a blend of athleisure and formal,” Mehra says. Request that he characterize his style further and he comments, “urban chic meets road style; it’s the most ideal approach to characterize it.”

Known for bringing wraps into menswear, Shantanu and Nikhil’s event wear has been instrumental in changing the essence of style in India. With asking men to go out on a limb that trial in style, is there something the originator dare not wear? “I generally stay away from checked shirts, it’s simply not me, Mehra says. In spite of being in the matter of design, Mehra includes that the runway, very sometimes, characterizes what I would or not wear.” Also, much the same as the brand he is a piece of, Mehra does not put stock in clinging to patterns. The one philosophy he interfaces with is lively meets formal wear’. He clarifies, “An Indian bandhgala combined with a couple of pants is my own style essentially in light of the fact that it is an exemplary look with an unpretentious bend.”

Doling out tips for men who are hoping to shoot up their style remainder, Mehra closes, “I feel men ought to consistently add one legend component to their look… it very well may be anything, yet there should be a component that sticks out and features their independence.”


WHILE what we look like’ is the thing that characterizes the disposition for a few of us, for other people, the demeanor directs what must be worn on some random day. Some portion of the last gathering is Gaurav Khanijo, originator of the mark Khanijo. “My own style goes with my state of mind; I dress in understanding to how I feel on a specific day. In case I’m normal with my exercise schedule, I need to be wearing a comparable way. Different days, when I am lethargic, I lean toward free equips,” says Khanijo, who cases he doesn’t place much idea into how he dresses. Actually, the procedure falls into place without a hitch for him. Adding to this idea he says, “When I state that I don’t really think about the procedure as well, it doesn’t imply that I take to ratty dressing. Rather, I think I go for a simple vibe with regards to garments,” he re-repeats.

Another viewpoint that Khanijo has seen about himself is the way travel assumes a significant job in him sprucing up in an unexpected way. “When I travel to Europe, I consequently want to wear suits and boots, and a scarf around my neck, in addition to other things. This encourages me hoist my state of mind, and furthermore adds to my certainty,” he includes. Khanijo, who as a general rule sets aside less effort to assemble a specific look, concedes that choosing what shoe to wear is the thing that takes the most time. Owning around 150 sets of shoes (if not more), he has a fondness for boots. He includes, “Footwear is significant, and what I wear on a given day depends on the attack of my jeans.”


While his style has changed throughout the years, what has changed radically is the means by which he shops. He makes reference to, “I abstain from overbuying now, and avoid things like quick style. I am slanted to common textures, and abstain from purchasing cowhide or hide.” His guilty pleasures currently incorporate white shirts, denims, and shades. Characterizing his style as exemplary yet tense, he says, “I’d get something more insignificant now instead of something that is vigorously printed or weaved. Additionally, I don’t get whatever I’m sure will exhaust me in the end.” Style, as indicated by Khanijo, is more than garments… it’s likewise how you assembled a look. He believes it’s significant that men offer inclination to comfort. “Additionally, consistently put resources into a bespoke suit,” he closes.


TRAVEL AND occasion has been the essence of the Shivan and Narresh brand, whose manifestations have been outfits of decision for everybody from Kim Kardashian, Mindy Kaling to Queen Bey otherwise known as Beyonce. It is nothing unexpected then that Shivan Bhatiya, head architect of this extravagance Indian resortwear name, picks a style stylish that mixes “a casual bohemian vibe alongside luxury road style”.

While their image takes enormous motivation from the movement stories of this planner couple (Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja), we were interested if his own style gets indications from the equivalent. Bhatiya clarifies, “My own style is a diverse blend of various design goodies that I’ve grabbed from differed societies while voyaging. Be it the erraticism of Japan, loosened up sensibilities of Spain, in addition to other things.”

After their image was propelled in 2009, and later appeared at a style week in Mumbai, we met Bhatiya. A media timid’ individual in those days, Bhatiya would be clad in formal wear all things considered occasions. Slice to 2019, and as a feature of the FROW at Day 1 of an as of late closed design week, Bhatiya was seen in easygoing yet a la mode clothing.

It is protected to call his style venture a transformation. “There has been a critical move from my previous top-to-toe spotless, formal looks. It is a simpler and easy polo-withtrousers vibe now,” he makes reference to. The originator has not had the option to oppose the awesome tennis shoe pattern that is currently transforming nearly everybody into a sneakerhead. So, Bhatiya disdains “everyday dressing”. His outfits portray that as well, as he’s consistently observed dressed to the nines. Ask him what that one outfit is, which works best for his persona, and in a split second comes the appropriate response, “Cuban shirts, I think, for their cool, blustery vibe. Furthermore, is there anything he would keep away from? Very fitted shirts for their unmistakably cozy viewpoint,” Bhatiya includes.

Taking everything into account, Bhatiya specifies the one style tip that men ought to cling to, “Attempt and offer significance to prepping, and keep their hair clean.”

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